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You can host a Victorian Era dance for your friends and family! We can help!

Social dances were very popular in the Victorian and Civil War Era. These events were different than the dances of our modern era in that the dancers interacted and cooperated with each other and other couples by doing circle dances, quadrilles and line dances. Several single couple dances were also popular such as the Waltz, Polka and Galop. A typical Victorian Ball included a mix of fourteen to sixteen of these dances.

We would be delighted to provide you with music, dance instruction and more at your next special event! 

At your event, a dance caller specializing in the Victorian and Civil War Era Dances will teach every step of each dance before the dance begins and then will call out the steps as the dance progresses so that everyone, young, old and in-between, can dance. No prior experience is ever necessary. 

Your event can be a casual outdoor event for forty people or a Grand Ball for two to three hundred guests. Group dancing taught and called by an experienced caller brings people together and gives them a worthwhile activity to share while together they create something intricate, graceful and beautiful. Create a unique experience for you and your guests and relive a bygone era of grace and gentility by hosting a Victorian Era dance.

Create Special Memories

  •  As a Gift for Friends
  •   At a Family Reunion
  •   For a Special Birthday Party
  •   At a Themed Wedding Reception
  •   For Church Community Groups,       Couples Retreats and Family Events
  • As a Team Building Activity for your   Business
Contact us at Heritagedanceevents@gmail.com
Or Call 805-769-8055

What People Say ...

"One of the reasons I love the Victorian balls: you guide us through the steps and all we have to do is follow them and feel accomplished when we get it right."

We... "enthusiastically learned from careful instruction and played roles of gentlemen and ladies from another century.   It was a wonderful learning experience, great team building and a lot fun."

"The evenings are simply filled with joy and laughter."

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