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Heritage Dance Events is made up of a group of Dance Callers, Musicians, and Living History Re-enactors on the Central Coast of California who teach and call dances and play period fiddle music for various events including Grand Balls, Casual Contra dances, and Living History Reenactments.

These events are brought to you by Up and Over Educational Services.

Our mission is to create events that bring people together, build community and teach traditional values and etiquette.

 CONTACT US AT: heritagedanceevents@gmail.com or call 805-769-8055

CHECK OUT OUR BLOG! www.heritagedanceevents.blogspot.com.

About Debra – Dance Caller

The first time Debra Newby can remember participating in a group dance was when she learned to square dance during PE in 5th grade… and she was hooked. She continued to dance through Jr. High, college and beyond. During her college years, she worked as a Park and Recreation Leader and taught square dancing to elementary school-aged students. After receiving her degree in zoology and chemistry, she earned her teacher's credential and began teaching science in public high schools. 

She later went on to homeschool her three children, tutor high school and college students, and direct choreography and drama for local children's choirs and other groups. She currently enjoys teaching and calling Victorian Era Social Group Dances for school groups, casual events and Grand Balls, and she creates Music Song Patterns for Up-a-do Unlimited Glockenspiel Xylophones.

You can find her books - including Popular 8 Note Songs - at www.UpadoUnlimited.com. 

About "Liberty Hill"

Kelly, Kirk and Terry have all been musicians since their childhood. All three play for various bands around San Luis Obispo county. You might have seen these gentlemen playing with other groups at one of the city park concerts, at a local winery dinner or at a fundraising event.  With fiddle, guitar and bass, they blend a combination of Celtic, English Country and Old-time fiddle tunes to create perfect dance set music.  Kelly mixes it up with some melodic polkas on his accordion.  They play at our large live music balls and are available for other events.


"We really enjoyed our evening of dance with Debra Newby of Heritage Dance. Our group of students enthusiastically learned from careful instruction. They played roles of gentlemen and ladies from another century. It was a wonderful learning experience, great team building and a lot fun. We are looking forward to future events with Heritage Dance."

Carol Kersten

Academy String Orchestra

San Luis Youth Symphony


"While these heritage dances provide an educational link to our history through dance and music, at the heart of the dance is the answer to the need for social connections. It was a pleasure to see a diverse group of about 65 young people, girls and boys ages 11 to 18, throwing aside their inhibitions and joyfully taking part in this cooperative activity—there is nothing better than to watch kids having a great time, and laughing out loud at their own mistakes. Even the most reluctant kids got involved and soon the whole room was a rhythmic mass of movement and laughter."

Melody Svennungsen

Concert Choir Director

Central Coast Children’s Choir

San Luis Obispo, California


"What a privilege it is to participate in such a wholesome, family event. Debra Newby did an outstanding job explaining dances to the groups and utilized a demonstration team to show the dance moves to the guests. She mixed things up a bit by introducing some new dances while maintaining the usual charm of leading us through our old favorites like the Virginia Reel and the Gay Gordon to name a few. Debra’s husband, Terry and his band, Liberty Hill, were a welcome addition to the evening as they did an outstanding job with the music. Their rendition of the Gay Gordon was the best I’ve heard! Well done everyone – thank you for a most memorable evening."

Melanie Mattina

"The evenings are simply filled with joy and laughter. During the dances, it’s not just the loveliness of ball gowns, period dress, and friendships kindled, but most importantly, it’s the beauty of honor and chivalry that our hearts seek to bestow as well as receive."

Diana Kimball

"In May of 2008 my son received his Eagle Scout award. Following the ceremony we had a party, and we asked Debra to come and call some community and square dances. About fifty people participated in the dancing, and what a great time they all had! Debra made the dances easy to do for people of all abilities and ages. People felt comfortable dancing and loved doing it. Judging by the smiles on everyone's faces the dancing was a huge success. One of my favorite photographs from the day is a picture of me and my son in his uniform do-si-do-ing during the Virginia Reel!

Thanks Debra, you added so much fun to such a special day!"

Samantha Dole

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