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Our Service to You:

At Heritage Dance Events, a costumed dance caller specializing in the Victorian and Civil War Era Dances teaches every step of each dance before the dance begins and then calls out the steps as the dance progresses so that everyone, young, old and in-between, can dance. No prior experience is ever necessary.

Our events vary from casual outdoor events for forty people to Grand Balls for two to three hundred guests. We provide period music, dance and living history for school groups, church groups, private parties and reenactments.

Group dancing taught and called by an experienced caller brings people together and gives them a worthwhile activity to share while they create something intricate, graceful and beautiful. Attend one of our events or host a special event of your own and relive a bygone era of grace and gentility.

When Hosting Your Own Event We Provide:

An Experienced Costumed Dance Instructor/Caller

We Can Also Supply:

Your choice of a three or four-piece band playing period music or you can dance to recorded music

A high-quality sound system

Patriotic decorations and flags

Water Jugs and punch service

Food Catering

Ticket Sales

White gloves for your guests

A Costumed Demonstration Team

A Photographer

Dance Cards

Costume Resources (Click here for some ideas)

And more!

Debra Newby is an Event Coordinator with many years of experience.  She would be happy to meet with you and help you with all the details of your special event.

We enjoy what we do and will do everything we can to work with your needs and budget. We look forward to serving you at your next event!

Contact us at heritagedanceevents@gmail.com Or Call 805-769-8055

Photos and Videos

Please be aware that Debra Newby and Up and Over Educational Services reserve the right to take and use photographs/video at any event hosted or attended by our team without expressed written permission of those included within the photographs/video. A person attending a Heritage Dance Educational event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the event organizers, and/or contact Up and Over Educational Services P.O. Box 188, Atascadero, CA 93423. Please Click Here for full Photo and Video disclaimer. 

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