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Watch YouTube Videos of a Hoe Down!

Line Dance #1

Line Dance #2

La Bastringue

Costume Ideas for Grand Balls can be found at the Heritage Dance Events Blog.

Debra Newby has taught and called social dances from many events, including all the events pictured below. She would be delighted to help you design and organize your own special event!

    Statewide Choral Festival                         Wedding in Creston                  Community Hall Dance
 Workshop in San Luis Obispo                                                                              In Paso Robles
 SLO Youth Symphony Workshop              18th Birthday Party               Friends and Family Gathering
At Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria                  In Templeton                                  In Atascadero

   Birthday Party in Edna Valley               Hoe Down Fundraiser                   Living History Event
                                                                   In San Luis Obispo                  At Santa Margarita Ranch          
Church Event in San Luis Obispo                 Youth Event in Taft                  Eagle Scout Court of Honor
                                                                                                                     BBQ and Social Dance Event

And we have organized and called dances for many, many Grand Balls over the years.


Photo and Video Disclaimer:

Debra Newby and Up and Over Educational Services reserve the right to take and use photographs/video at any event hosted or attended by our team without expressed written permission of those included within the photographs/video. Debra Newby and Up and Over Educational Services may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, for educational, promotional, marketing or other purposes, including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc.

A person attending a Heritage Dance Educational event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the event organizers, and/or contact us at Up and Over Educational Services P.O. Box 188, Atascadero, CA 93423 in writing of his/her wishes and include a photograph within a reasonable amount of time prior to the event. Up and Over Educational Services will use the photograph for identification purposes and will hold it in confidence.

When hosting a Heritage Dance Event by hiring a dance caller, the organization hosting the event is fully responsible to notify the invited participants of this disclaimer. By participating in or hosting a Heritage Dance event or by failing to notify Up and Over Educational Services in writing, your desire to not have your image used by Up and Over Educational Services, you and the participants at your event are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify Debra Newby, her successors, and Up and Over Educational Services from any and all claims involving the use of your photograph or likeness.

Photographs, graphics, videography or other similar reproductions or recording contained on this website may not be copied, altered, or modified without the expressed written permission of an authorized designee from Up and Over Educational Services.

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