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Up and Over Educational Services and Up-a-do Unlimited

In addition to dance, there is English, math, science, history and more. And sometimes you need a little help. Or perhaps you would like some organizational help with a special project or event. Email us and find out how we can help you reach your goals. Info@UpandOverEd.com.
Up and Over Educational Services: We help students reach their goals by filling in academic gaps, presenting matieral in a variety of learning styles, teaching study skills and providing consistant study times and accountability. Personalized tutoring can change a student's life and create a better future. Students often need help, not because they cannot learn, but because they need a different learning environment. We can help!
Go to www.UpandOverED.com.

Up-a-do Unlimited Music Pattern Song Books and Glockenspiel Xylophones: But wait … there’s more! Music education comes in many forms. Dancing is a great way to begin to understand rhythm, beat and movement. If you are looking to play your very first song on a simple instrument, Music Patterns from Up-a-do Unlimited can help! All you need to do is match the letters or colors of the patterns – it is easy! There are free audio tracks of all the songs online, too, at www.UpadoUnlimited.com!

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